Score/Timekeepers:  The league will provide Official Score/Timekeepers and Statistician. A team’s Statistician and/or Scorer are not permitted to sit at the official scorer’s table. Coaches can approach the score table during a time-out, between quarters or at half-time. Players are not allowed to approach the score table.


Start of Game:
• A game can start with a minimum of four players.
• A technical foul will be awarded for every minute a team is late during the 5-minute clock.
• Players must be dressed in full uniform.

    • 2023 edition SwinCity issued matching jersey top and shorts.


Forfeit: If a team is not ready to play at game time 5 minutes will be placed on the clock, once time has expired and the team is not ready to play the game is forfeited. If players arrive before time expires to start game a technical foul will be awarded for each minute late.

  • For each minute late, the opposing team will shoot 1 for 2
  • Game will resume at the time 5th player arrives
    • Example: Player arrives at the 4 minute mark with 1 minute remaining on the
      clock, the opposing team will shoot (4) – 1 for 2 free-throws


31 Point Deficit: A team must pay a $200 penalty to stay in the league or the team will be removed from the league.


Mercy Rule: Last two minutes of the game, if one team is up by 20 points, the game will be called “over” by the officials.


NBA/WNBA Foul Rules:
• 6 Personal Fouls per player.
• 5th Team Foul, the opposing team will be in the bonus, awarded two free-throws.
• 10 Team Foul, the opposing team is awarded two free throws and possession of the ball.

Shooting Fouls:

  • Shooting fouls will be awarded as follows during running clock, regulation will resume during the last two minutes of the game:
      • 1 for 2
      • 2 for 3

Other Fouls:

  • Flagrant/Technical Fouls Protocol $200 Fine for the following:
      • Ejection one game suspension
      • Two Technical Fouls
      • Flagrant 2 Foul


  • Each team is given 4 time-outs per game (2 – Full and 2 – 30 seconds).  Time-outs do not carry over to overtime.

Length of Games:

  • Maximum pre-game warm-up 6 minutes (subject to change). League officials have the discretion to shorten each period in order to maintain the time schedule.
  • 10-minute quarters, 1 minute between quarters and a 3-minute half time.
  • 24 second shot clock
  • A running clock will be used. The referee, a time out or a technical foul can only stop the clock. The following exception will apply: a regulation clock will be used the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and shooting fouls will resume to regulation.
  • Last two minutes of regulation game/overtime
      • Clock will stop every basket.
      • If you have a timeout left, the ball can be advanced after timeout.
      • Clock will not start until ball is touched on an inbound pass.
      • Coaches will have one Coaches challenge


  • First overtime 2 minutes, second overtime 1st to score wins game.
  • Each team is given 1–30 second time out for overtime. (Time outs do not carry over from regulation) 

Additional Rules:

Defensive three second rule

  • 1st violation is a warning.
  • Further violation, team is awarded one shot and the ball.


NOTE: Penalties will be dealt with by Commissioner and Committee.